Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night, on a whim, Matt and I drove up to his family's cottage up in Michigan. After driving into the sunset for about an hour, we were treated to this:

Michigan Sunset

(I totally took that from the road, too. I was that crazy girl hanging her arm/camera out the car window. But I wasn't driving. So it's cool.)

Saturday, however, it was rainy, so we weren't hanging out on the lake and grilling like we had planned.

Instead, we were playing Scrabble inside (and grilling, too, when the rain let up).

Neither Matt nor I had ever played Scrabble before, but we had recently seen Word Wars. (True story: We had meant to get the documentary Word Play from NetFlix, but we got Word Wars instead. How were we to know that, in the past three years there had been documentaries about both Scrabble and Cross Word fanatics, with similar names? We watched Word Wars and truly enjoyed it, then ordered Word Play, and we were slightly disappointed: While both movies are well done documentaries, the people who go to the cross word tournaments are relatively normal, if a little bit dorky, but the people who go to Scrabble tournaments are bat shit crazy. And frankly, bat shit crazy makes for a better documentary.)

So, Matt and I played a few games of Scrabble. Ultra competitive games.

By the time Matt's parents got up to the lake on Sunday afternoon, Matt and I had played five games. And we would have played more if we hadn't had company.

On Monday, the weather cleared up, and we played Scrabble on the boat with Matt's sister and her boyfriend. We were obsessed, but we were getting sun.

(Matt's sister and I were both wearing out new flip flops - I should have gotten a picture of them together, but this will have to do. We also got lobster ones, but neither of us brought them to the lake.)

Martini Pink Flips

Monday night we drove home, and went immediately to the store to buy ourselves our own Scrabble. And then to the bookstore where we looked for the official Scrabble dictionary, as well as Word Freak (a book about Scrabble players).

We've already played two games. I'm thinking about asking for another before we go to bed.

(Also. Monday, there was more grilling. And after we cooked the main course, I threw on some sliced fresh pineapple. Five minutes a side. Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. YUM.)

Grilled Pineapple


Lizzle said...

Your pineapples look delicious, your toes look sunburnt, and you are SO going to turn into a scrabble nerd! (And the world will laugh heartily.)

Summer said...

Ohhhh! You got the flip flops at J-Crew, right? I saw the lobster ones, too!

Ellen K. said...

Lovely sunset! LL Bean has pink lobster flip flops for women too. In case you need more than one pair of lobster flip flops. : )

blog Portland said...

You should check out Wabble, the online multiplayer Scrabble house for nerds. I should warn you though, it has a slow moment every now and again. I'm there quite often and will smote you to ruins should we ever cross paths.

JH said...

My grandparents have played Scrabble every day together for years. And they refuse to play with other people. These two are hard core. Totally agree with you about the word movies. Bat shit crazy all the way!