Tuesday, May 01, 2007

What He Doesn't Know Could Give Him High Cholesterol

Me: I should cook healthier. Less butter and heavy cream.

Matt: Ha. It's not like you use a lot of heavy cream anyway. Seriously.

Me: Ummmm... of course not. Under no circumstances should you look in the fridge. Pretty much for the rest of our marriage.


Lizzle said...

I knew it! You're trying to kill Matt! You're just doing it in a subtle way so that you can collect on his life insurance policy, AREN'T YOU!

I'm calling the Akron PD, and you are not going to be allowed in the dairy section EVER AGAIN!

Ellen K. said...

Darren loves it when I cook with heavy cream. He thinks it should be in EVERYTHING. He has no idea how many calories and fat grams are in it. He probably thinks it burns off over the heat, like alcohol.