Thursday, April 26, 2007

Apparently, the Cure for Insomnia is Bitching About it to the Internet. The Night I Posted That, I Slept Like a Baby.

Comment from Matt:

We want a new post! Tell us about Cincy or Cleveland or going to Michael Chabon! Or going to Charlotte this weekend! The insomnia is over! (You slept 11 hours the other day!)

The subsequent IM conversation:

me: your comment is mean, you know I'm sick.
me: it's SO SWEET!
it's full of SWEETS, and JOY, and JOYNESS.
Matt: It's a sad post
I want a happier post
me: ok ok
I promise
Matt: considering all the fun crap you've done in the past 2 weeks!
me: yes yes!
so much fun crap
Matt: it makes it sound like I have dragged you to hell and i'm keeping you in prison
me: no no no
you have not.
Matt: I know!
but your readers don't!
me: cool
I will take care of it.
Matt: Chabon, Cincy, game night, Cleveland
now Charlotte
all C cities/things
me: hahaha

Now, quickly, everything Matt so kindly wants me to bring up:

a) Last week, we saw Dave Eggers on Wednesday at the Akron Public Library, and Michael Chabon on Sunday at the Cleveland Public Library. (Something I didn't expect, but should have: The Akron Library's auditorium is about 300 times nicer than the Cleveland Library's.) And Chabon's talk was right up my alley - all about being a Jewish writer in diaspora. And I was a theology major that concentrated on Jewish history. Matt even poked me when he started because it was so perfect - and the talk did not disappoint. He was funny, and serious, and did a reading from his new book, The Yiddish Policeman's Union, which sounds amazing. I need to go and buy it.

b) Then I followed Matt up to Cincinnati, where he has to go about once a month for work. I got to sit in and watch him work, which was, actually, pretty exciting. And I managed to hit up most of the Cincinnati places: Graeter's Ice Cream (where I learned that the Black Raspberry Chip really is the best flavor they make, but the Double Chocolate Chip is also very nice), Skyline Chili (ew), and Jeff Ruby (I want to live on their potato pancakes. And steak.). And I managed to go shopping and get new shoes and two new purses. But I seriously needed the purses.

c) Last weekend, on Friday, I went to a friend's house (Joy!) and had a really fun night of Taboo and CatchPhrase and drinking. And then went up to Cleveland on Saturday and went to Vietnamese dinner with more friends, then out to a fun wine bar in the warehouse district called D'Vine. Seriously, so much fun! (And, see? Akron isn't hell, and Matt isn't keeping me oppressed here. I'm having fun.)

d) This weekend, I'm headed up to Charlotte, with Matt, to stay with our Best Man, Sam. And we're going to do Bar Golf, and um, it's going to be warm, and I can't see anything wrong with that.

e) My little sister? The pregnant one? Yeah, she's been having contractions since Friday (no real labor yet, just little contractions), but no baby yet. The baby isn't due until May 4, but if she has the baby before that, everything will be fine. So I'm frantically making different flavors of stuffed shells (roasted chicken and artichoke, 3 cheese, sausage and red pepper, and shrimp) for her freezer, so she can just be with her baby and not worry about cooking for a while. And I'm trying to finish my last baby present. Which I should probably get back to. As I'm rapidly running out of time to get it done before the baby gets here.

f) Have you seen Funny or Die, Will Farrell's new comedy website? And his AWESOME contribution to it? The Landlord?

If you haven't, um, you totally should. I can't embed it here, but you should watch it anyway


Kelly said...

f.) I JUST posted about The Landlord myself! I laughed so hard I cried. Oh Pearl. She war just awesome!
And? You are the best sister for making all that food! You should start making her some really spicy food. You know... help her along with going into labor. She may appreciate the effort. Who knows?

Holly said...

your life is way more exciting than mine. That's a good thing. Aren't you just so excited to be an aunt? I absolutely love it!!

goirishkj said...

I'm so inanely jealous you got some Graeter's--that's about the only thing from Ohio that I miss (there's also ones in Columbus if you ever venture down that way) The black raspberry chip is also divine with a little hot fudge. And if you like coffee, the mocha chip is tasty. Damn, now I'm hungry for ice cream :) Glad to hear you're sleeping again though!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Will you make me shells? I'm not pregnant. But they sound tasty!

blog Portland said...

Ah, to be a young and magnificent jetsetter. Can I have your frequent flyer miles?

v said...

Holy crap that Farrell clip was funny.

Glad to hear things are going so well!

John said...

Chabon's voice freaks me out. It's like Peter Lorre with a PhD.