Sunday, July 01, 2007

Michelle's Wedding:

So, the weekend started out perfectly: 90 minutes before our flight, with out boarding passes printed out and our carry on luggage in the backseat, we're flying along 77 to the Akron-Canton Airport.

Cue flat tire.

Also, cue AAA being hella slow in getting there.

Around the time that I'm saying, "We're going to miss our flight, we're going to miss the entire weekend, and this is the worst timing ever for my first flat tire!" Matt calls his friend and new coworker Chris, who drives Matt's car out to the side of the highway, switches with us, allowing us to rush to the airport and make our flight, and then Chris waited for the AAA man and drove my car home.

Chris is kind of my hero.

So, we fly to Connecticut, where we head off to the bride (Michelle, my sophomore year roommate) and groom's house for a pre-dinner bbq - more than a bbq, actually, a pig roast, led by these folks. And sitting at the top of the buffet table?

Pig head

Wow. And Ew. And Wow. Wait, do I see teeth? I'm so back to Ew.

The wedding the next day was very pretty and sweet, and then there was a break of about 2 hours between the wedding and the reception. So, obviously, we headed to the liquor store and then back to our hotel.

Mommy's time out

No, we did not buy the "Mommy's Time Out Pinot Grigio," but instead, vodka. And mixers. Jen chose to drink Vodka and Grape Soda, which actually was pretty brilliant. I'm seriously considering it as a mixer to have on hand... it was that good.

There was one tragedy during the pre-reception festivities: I was wearing my wedding shoes (see the header? the central pink shoes with the big bows), and I managed to hook my right heel in the left shoe's bow and pull it off. I don't know what shocked me more: that I had just done this, or that Kate Spade merely uses what looks like hot glue to keep the bows of her shoes on. After a few minutes of shock, a few more minutes of trying to use a safety pin to reattach the bow (not sucessful - forcing a pin through the leather bonded with satin proved impossible), Maura, who majored in design in college and can think about things like this in a non-linear way, suggested that I "sew" the bow back on by winding the thread that came in the hotel's "sewing kit" through the bow and around the vamp of the shoe. It worked. Thank god.


At the reception site, the drinks and hors d'oeuvres were free flowing. But just a warning: scallops wrapped in bacon just out of the kitchen are HOT. Or so the men, with burned mouths, who had been waiting at the door the waitress came through to poach the hors d'oeuvres as they came in, warned me. Then the bride and groom showed up:


I love that dress. And that hair. Aren't they cute?

Soon after that, this picture was taken:


No one else in the photo was making a face anywhere near what my face looked like. It was entirely inappropriate.

Thankfully, I soon had another martini, and all this was forgotten, until a few hours later, when we were looking through my camera at the 200 pictures I'd just taken, and someone saw this picture, brought up LOLCats, and the first ever LOLMarcia was born.

Of course - one of the things I always like to see is what shoes the bride is wearing, and Michelle did not disappoint:

Flip flops

She lived in flip flops in college. And she's probably wearing them right now, on her honeymoon, on the beach in Hawaii.


blog Portland said...

Noooo they be stealin' my martini!

Ryan Oakley said...

Love the Lol Marcia idea.

v said...

Glad to hear the wedding was such fun. Great pics!

PS - More LOLMarcias.

SarahReznor said...

Mommy's Time Out LOL!!!!

i love her dress - so pretty!!!

theidlereceptionist said...

yay for the lolmarcia!!!

Bobealia... said...

The bottom of her dress is gorgeeeous. I need to post some shoe pics for you. My pink shoes and my wedding shoes.
Go LOLMarcia.