Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Last night, as I was trying to get to sleep, unsuccessfully, for the entire 8 hours I was in my bed, I decided to try some meditative techniques to clear my head, and let me fall asleep.

This great idea was stymied by the fact that I don't really know any meditative techniques.

So, my mind started wandering to all the crazy meditative, mind-clearing things I've seen people do, and I started dwelling on the cheerleading coach from my high school (and you wonder why I can't get to sleep - my mind makes insane leaps like this. I was never a cheerleader, and I never even had a conversation with this lady.) who had an unusual - and stupid - way of clearing her head.

When she got upset, she started taking deep breaths and saying, loudly, over and over again, "In with anger, out with love." Now, if you examine what she's saying, one might conclude that she is breathing in anger, and breathing all her love out. Hopefully to make her angrier, and more able to yell at the people that were pissing her off. Which, I think, is the exact opposite of what she meant to be saying.

This story always makes me laugh, even at 4am, when I can't sleep.


blog Portland said...

I like to meditate on a fifth of Grey Goose and a couple of Tylenol PM's when I can't sleep.

Christie said...

I feel you, sista! My mind jumps all over the place when I am trying to sleep. I've found trying to name all the states in my head knocks me out pretty quick.

Jsto said...

I totally remember you telling me this in college and us bitterly screaming "IN WITH ANGER, OUT WITH LOVE!"

Lizzle said...

My meditative problem comes from trying to clear the mind and then thinking, "Well, ok, my mind is clear... I wonder if thinking my mind is clear qualifies as a thought to clutter the mind... dammit!"

That's how it is sometimes.

Bobealia... said...

I know it was a joke, and I'm a total geek, but I think she was acknowledging the anger in her inhale and trying to change it into Love by the time her exhale came 'round. And blowing y'all with the love. Kind of like killing people with niceness...?

e-liz said...

Seriously Mars, therapy...:-)