Monday, September 10, 2007

Cabs Cabs Everywhere

The best thing about NYC cab drivers:


They generally signal while changing lanes in the middle of an intersection and speeding.

(Pathetically, I made up this quote and thought it was funny while I was sitting in a cab that was doing all of the above.)


Johnie said...

Wait.. That's how I drive.
You guys don't drive like that in Grand Junction?


BTW: I have to admit I get a slight joy when tourists don't know about the cab fare light and try to flag down a cab that's already taken. Then subsequently get angry when they just drive by.

craziequeen said...

That's how most British drive,, that would make them excellent NYC cabbies :-))

I'm so glad to hear you are enjoying your new life in New York, right down to your new wonderful apartment!!

Enjoy your Wii :-)) You make a valid point, having a Wii does not necessarily mean you will be able to play tennis! :-))


minijonb said...

i have a thing for blurry pictures, so i'm really digging this. nice work.