Saturday, September 08, 2007


Tonight's the Notre Dame game, and Jimmy Clausen is starting. The true believers (ie, my husband) have high hopes for the team this game - some combination of winning and not looking like asshats - neither of which was accomplished last week.

So you'd expect me to be at Kat's new apartment, drinking insane quantities of beer, and watching the game.

While there are sure to be a gathering of people there, doing just that, Matt and I have other plans. Don't worry, the game is being TiVo'd, and will be watched before bed, but at game time, we're going to be at the Modest Mouse concert at McCarren Pool with my college roommate. And honestly - a great band, watched from the depths of a drained, ancient pool, while drinking Brooklyn Lager. What more could I possibly want?

For those of you who are concerned - Matt will most assuredly watch the game tonight, before going to bed. I will probably fall asleep during the first quarter, probably sometime around 1am.

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Bryan said...

Coincidentally, somewhere during the first quarter is precisely where our offense fell asleep.

This is going to be a LONG year. Whoever thought that we'd be looking forward to playing Michigan?