Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Had Two Interviews This Week:

And they both went well.

I think, really well.

In fact, the second woman I talked to at my interview today told me she liked my outfit - and I was particularly happy with my interview outfit:

Interview Outfit

I have decided that I'm not going to wear a suit ever again to interviews for jobs that will never require me to wear a suit.

I had two interviews this week - Monday and Wednesday, both jobs that I would love to have. Which is truly awesome because Matt started work on Monday, and if I am going to get bored without him to entertain me all day - so I'd better get a job soon.

Also - I promise that my hair wasn't that flat and my sweater wasn't that bunchy when I was at the interview - but I had to wait for Matt to come home from work (and he has finished training and actually started his "lawyer-type work" that I don't care to understand what exactly he is doing, and he's starting to work later and later) for him to take the picture, and I got, um, disheveled.

Furthermore - do you think I should cut my hair shorter? Honest opinions.

Finally - I went to dinner last night with The Cat's Me'Ass. She is so awesome, and is going to post a picture of the two of us, looking vodka-drunk in the subway tunnels, sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

Love the outfit! I think a chin length (or maybe just a little bit longer) bob with bangs would be really cute.

Bobealia... said...

Normally I would say, always wear a suit to an interview, even if you would never wear a suit to the job, but that's a pretty fantastic outfit and it passes my inspection anyway.
After I left you on Tues night it occured to me that your hair was MUCH shorter than I thought. Over time, you have chopped over half of it off. I think chin length could be REALLY cute on you.
I had a GREAT time the other night and I promise to get the picture ready by the end of the weekend at the latest... and post.

Anonymous said...

Marcia, you're outfit is absolutely adorable. I love it. You're hair would look awesome shorter.


juliedooley said...

When one has a super-cute outfit to wear such as you did, one does not need to wear a suit to impress at a job interview. Well-played, as GFY would say! Of course, I also say that as I sit working in my pajamas ;) But YOU should definitely show off your cute fashion sense! Good luck!!!

Kiki said...

I think it's a smart idea to not wear a suit to an interview in which you won't wear a suit at your job. And you looked lovely as well.

I hope the interviews went well. I'm sure you'll get the job that's best suited for you.

And, I say don't cut your hair. But my opinion is biased because it takes me FOREVER to grow my hair out, so I always tell folks not to cut.

Kiki said...

Oh, I remember what else I was going to tell you! I'm so glad that you're not the only one who makes people take pictures of you. I made Baloo take a picture of me on the first day of Grad school. And when I worked my first trial, I had one of the attorneys in the office take a picture of me too. I memorialize things in photos and I always feel like a dork asking for people to take my picture. But now I see that it's a normal thing and I'm not so much of a dork after all! (perhaps...)

Lizzle said...

Your outfit is super cute and totally passes muster for an interview in my opinion... As for the hair, while your current length is nice, I say that you need to give it a chop to (at the longest) above the shoulder. I mean this will be your first NYC winter, and they can be harsh, so you don't want to go too short, but I definitely think you've got a few inches to spare in the hair dept.

Angela said...

I think you're hair would look lovely maybe just an inch or two shorter, but then with some nice long layers cut in as well. You could probably rock a nice side-swept bang too.

Hope you hear back about the job soon!

Chaim said...

I agree. I am against over-dressing for interviews as well. Basically, I hate making it so obvious that I am trying to impress them, and walking in dressed to the nines when no one else really is just makes one look a bit ridiculous, methinks.

Christie said...

You looked great! Good luck with the job search!