Thursday, October 04, 2007

Central Park Zoo

On Saturday, my sister and her boyfriend and I went to the Central Park Zoo. Which is, approximately, the smallest zoo in the world. Seriously - a Rain Forest section, some polar bears, a penguin and puffin room, some seals, some sea lions, a few red pandas...


Did you see that I said POLAR BEAR???

I absolutely love them.

I want to take one home and sleep on its furry furry stomach.

And. I couldn't stop taking pictures of the polar bear, Gus, who is totally awesome.

First, he was hanging out on the wall.

Gus I

And I went up and held his cute little hand/paw. Through the plexi-glass. I don't think he noticed, but I don't think he minded, either.

Then, he got out of the water and shook off.

Gus Out of the Water

Looking adorable, obviously.

Next, Gus moved so we couldn't see him from the window we were at, so we walked to the next one - and found this sign:

Bear Sign

Because, obviously, a messy bear IS a happy bear. Because, apparently, the bear is too busy having fun to clean and um, too poor for a maid.

We came to the next window and found that Gus was playing with an old firehose.

Bear + Firehose

If I sound like I'm obsessed with Gus, um, I am. Just so you know. Did you see how sweet his face is in this picture??

Oh yeah, and the puffins were cute, too.

Little Puffins

Not as cute as Gus, but they do what they can.

Finally, Elizabeth and I were jealous that the animals all got pictures taken of them, so we made Johnie take our picture, too.

Mar and Liz

It's been 4 days since I've been there, but I think I'm still in love with Gus.


Johnie said...

More Pictures of Gus

Angela said...

That is a damn cute polar bear!

v said...

Sounds like someone had a wonderful time at the zoo. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos.

PS - Those puffins are adorable.

Gabriela said...

I love polar bears!

The pictures were great, I think I love Gus as well.

JH said...

Terry and I went to the nation's only free zoo on Friday. The polar bear (no name) was doing the back stroke in his pool. And the penguins are the bomb, but I always go for the elephants.

Bobealia... said...

How come you are glowing?
You and your sister have the same teeth.
Gus was my nickname once.
Do you know that polar bears like to punch out all the street lights up North?

Jay said...

I think you're going to give the poor puffins a complex.

Christie said...

I love zoos! Even if I didn't have kids, I would love going to the zoo. I highly recommend Woodland Park Zoo if you are ever in Seattle.

minijonb said...

"messy bear = happy bear"

i'm going to live by that statement from now on!

otilius said...

very cute...and I like the bear, too.

Ellen K. said...

I *puffy heart* puffins. Gus is adorable too. You and your sister look amazingly alike!

Christina M. said...

I came across your blog while googling for polar bears. The photo of Gus in the water is adorable and the sign is so cool! I wish we had that in our Zoo, too, because Knut is a very VERY messy bear!

Maybe you want to check out my blog when you say you love polar bears? ;)

Greetings from Berlin

Christina M.

Anonymous said...

Messy bear - just lovely. But do they really call those birds puffins? "Fratercula arctica" looks different. LeenaP