Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Quick Update:

After 2 days of Matt saying, "Did *company that you interviewed with twice* call you yet??" every FIVE FUCKING MINUTES (I love him, but seriously, I was going to kill him), I emailed my HR contact, to see when a decision would be coming (I interviewed for the second time on Tuesday, and the man said that he had another interview that afternoon, and a third on Wednesday, and he said he couldn't imagine his company being so rude as to not inform us candidates of their decision by Monday, but I could tell from that statement that he didn't have much contact with HR departments in general.), and I got an out of office reply saying that the HR contact was out of the office for all of this week.

Thankful for the news that I probably wouldn't hear from the company this week, I immediately relaxed the fuck up, decided to apply to 10 more jobs, and open a bottle of wine.

I think all these decisions were well founded. And I would make them all again without a second thought.


craziequeen said...

Excellent decisions there, my dear. :-)

I loved your photos of the new apartment. What a lovely place for you and Matt to live (for as long as he stops bugging you, anyways!)


Summer said...

How can I say this?.....

I think all of your posts should have a little 'fuck' in them. It works for you. And it makes me laugh imagining you saying 'fuck'.
Laughing is good for the soul (or something like that). So your 'fuck' is making me happy. Did you get that? I knew you would.

Bobealia... said...

Good luck next week. I hope you hear from them tomorrow.