Thursday, September 27, 2007

Apartment Pictures!

Pictures never do justice to an awesome apartment. But I've taken some - and I'm posting them.

Not pictured: Most of the foyer, 3/4 of the living room, half of the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway, and much of the bebdroom.

First, the living room, with a glimpse of the foyer:

living room&foyer

This is North-East corner of the living room. The South wall has a desk, a space for the soon-to-come dining table (ha, I think it's never going to show up, and I'm about to begin the quest for antique chairs), and the entertainment center. And the North-West has the couch. It is, as Zak says, the largest room ever in a Manhattan apartment. The foyer extends to both sides of the archway, and there are closets on either side. I'm still waiting for some furniture for the foyer, and really, something for right at the entry way so that it doesn't look like a hallway, but like a place where people want to come and hang out.

Next, the kitchen:


A pretty typical galley-shaped kitchen. There's a back door the the place in the back (where I'm standing), and more counter space against the back wall. Exactly what I could hope for - better, even. There is room to put a little breakfast table by the window, but I've mostly filled that space with a huge bookcase full of cookbooks (I have six shelves of cookbooks. Am I obsessed? I don't think so.) and a large metal storage shelving unit with pink mixers, blenders, and other girl-y kitchen utensils. And I'm considering a wine fridge.

(PS? Matt gave me that stained glass our first Christmas in St. Louis.)

And, finally, a picture of the bedroom that doesn't show off anything but the bed:

New Bed

Seriously - the rug in the front you see a little sliver of? It's 5x7, and past the rug, behind me, is our dresser and my mammoth shoe cubes. And on the South wall there are windows, and the North wall has two huge closets.

But let's take a minute to look a that bed. That bed took me the better part of an afternoon to put together - it's gorgeous, it's pretty brown leather, and it's exactly what I wanted. (Also, we put the pretty display of the four pictures we bought in Paris on the wall facing the bed - we wanted the good view of the art.)

When the table arrives, and when the foyer is finished, and if you really want to see the bathroom and the hallway, pictures will come. So... what do you think?


Chaim said...

After all of the hype, I was hoping to see a photo of each of the 5 marvelous closets. Oh well.

It still does look like a great apartment. Seems very spacious.

Sarah said...

Amazing! Your apartment is way bigger than my house.

Rebekah said...

It looks great!

chicken said...

I am so jealous that you are living in Manhattan. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it there. Your place looks great! Loving the new bed!

Kiki said...

Fantastic apartment! And I just want to remark on how fantastically jealous I am of all of your grown-up furniture! I totally need you to come and do a decorating job on my house!

Princess in Galoshes said...

How... how are you living in a mansion in New York???????

Bobealia... said...

Yay. It is huge, especially if you haven't shown 3/4 of it!! In fact, it's amazing, and I think you made the right choice (for sure) in signing a two year lease. Otherwise, you rent would certainly go up next year. NYC is crazy. Wonderful crazy. So... the job hunt? More about that and your interview soon?

e-liz said...

I need to see those cute little pictures hanging above the doorway in the living room. I think I might love them.

SarahReznor said...

OMG! it looks great Marcia!!

Anonymous said...

So funny to read about you discovering UWS since I just moved there myself about a month ago. My personal favs include the hustle & bustle of Fairway, the delicacies of Citarella, brunch at Josie's and gray payaya's hot dogs!

Lena said...

Gorgeous! I love the old architecture.

Am insanely jealous.

Oh, the stories you will be telling...

tsn said...

I love it! Can't wait to see it in person!!! :-)