Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Theme Week: YouTube Videos That Will Change Your LIfe: Halloween Edition

I'm headed to a Halloween party tonight, and I'm going as Amy Winehouse.


I've Sharpie'd tattoos on myself - a feather on my left forearm, a lightening bolt on my right forearm, a horse shoe and the word "Girl" on my left shoulder, hearts on my right shoulder. Oh yeah, and the hottness that is the boob tattoo: "Blake's" over my heart, and a fake pocket. Unfortunately, I'm not good enough to draw three pin-up girls on my arms, so I'm going without them.

I'm wearing my tightest jeans, and a skimpy top - I'm doing my best to emulate this hot mess.

For those of you who don't know Amy's music, here's her amazing song, "Rehab" - where she claims to not want to do what everyone wants her to do, which is go to rehab.


(PS, I changed my shirt before I left. But I'm sure I'll take some pictures while I'm out, and maybe even post them tomorrow.)


Lizzle said...

If you were dedicated, you'd have pulled a bunch of teeth out, ir done some meth... Or at least gone a few months without a shower!

kim said...

LOL. Brilliant. Also, you shouldn't have washed or brushed your hair for a couple of weeks.

R said...