Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Since I Didn't Finish My Theme Week:

This video absolutely made my day.

I like it even more when the misinformed letter writer states she's going back to Fox News. Brian Williams is right when he calls her "sadly misinformed."

(The video is only 30 seconds long. Go ahead. Watch it.)


the queen said...

The Viewer must not have been around when one news source made a great point of referring to Nixon as "EX-president Nixon." I think thats when many of us learned of the President for life rule.

Funny, I bet she knows you never say "ex-marine."

kim said...

Ha! Brian Williams might be my new News boyfriend.

Melina said...

Boy, this makes me just love my state. Brian Williams was on SNL this weekend and was absolutely hilarious!

Anonymous said...