Thursday, January 31, 2008


So, Matt's work kind of goes in streaks - he'll work like an insane man for two or three weeks, coming home sometime between 11pm and 3am. And then he'll have two weeks of coming home between 7 and 9.

And he's been working on two seperate really intense projects over the past three weeks, he's been going in to the office every day on the weekends, and I've been seriously deprived of him.

Yesterday, both of the cases started to majorly wind down.

And he was home before 8pm.

I was so excited I went out and bought wine, and made steak, and a really delicious Potato Leek Soup which is really simple, but intensely flavorful.

Tonight, he's going to be home early again - and I'm having people over to watch Lost, and I'm making corn chowder (lots of bacon, chicken, onions, sweetcorn, and potatoes). Yum.

Honestly, it's hard to figure out how my life could be more perfect right now.


Vaguely Urban said...

Oh, have I been there. Imagine living in a two-lawyer house! (Of course, we don't work at NY firms.)

Chris said...

Pretty much the only word I saw in this post was "steak". In fact, in a recent crossword puzzle I was doing, I was looking for a 5 letter word for "Happy" and I put "steak" in the boxes, and since none of the other words would work with "steak", I turned on Wheel of Fortune.

Summer said...

I made the Potato Leek Soup tonight, you were right, simple & flavorful! Yum!

When can I get the recipe for the corn chowder? MMmmmmmm! Preggers thinks this would be yummy in her tummy!

Auburn Kat said...

I've never even watched Lost once!