Monday, May 12, 2008

Upper West Side Developer Predicts War:

There's a new development in my neck of the woods:

535 West End Ave

But... 21st Century Pre-war residences? What war in the 21st century are they expecting to pre-date?

Possibly they're McCain '08 supporters?


Lizzle said...

We're already committed on two fronts where we have little if any hope of success or even stability... If they are building new 21st Century "Pre-War" residences, then we better get our shit together before there's a run on the banks! Or invest heavily in Haliburton or something... YEESH!

SBC said...


Someone didn't read his/her real estate buzzword book closely...

Angela said...

Interesting. Yeah. "Art Deco" would have probably been a smarter choice.