Sunday, August 17, 2008

I've Got an Intense Week Coming Up:

Monday: Jury Duty (and, hopefully, ONLY Monday).

Tuesday: Co-op board interview.

Wednesday: 3rd Wedding Anniversary (and dinner at The Modern) (I'm super excited - I just got a new dress from Tracy Reese and basically this necklace [except only one row of beads, and the beads are all pearl-y instead of colored] from Lulu Guinness) (Did I mention I love having fancy shopping bags laying around my apartment holding really fancy clothes?).

Thursday: Hopefully at this point we'll have heard from the co-op, and we'll have been accepted, and we can set a closing date for late August. Because HI. I haven't told you this yet, internet, but um, Matt is going to Paris for his job in September. FOR THREE MONTHS. (Which I encouraged him to do - he initially turned down the offer, and I said, um, are you INSANE? GO TO PARIS!! Au revoir! Bon voyage! Buy me things!) And I really want to get this whole moving thing done with before he, you know, leaves the country.

Friday: I'm hoping to relax a little bit and, you know, hang out with my husband before that whole Paris thing. Maybe get the gang together and go to Dinosaur BBQ one last time while we're still living on the Upper West Side and it's only 45 blocks north, not 115. Because, damn. That's good BBQ.


LK said...

Bonus? You can visit him in Paris. Book your tickets now :-)

Marcia said...

Oh don't worry. I've already booked tickets for early October. :)

Logan said...

Did I ever mention that I have an irrational fear of jury duty? I saw your Facebook status update and literally freaked out a little.

Good luck with next week, kiddo. Stay pretty, and you'll be fine. ;)

Jay said...

Sweet. Party at Marcia's (new) house! I'll bring the empty stomach and sobriety!

Christie said...

That dress is gorgeous, and I love the color. Congrats on 3 years!

Anonymous said...

I cant believe it has already been three years since I got hammered at your wedding and offended people who barely knew me.

But since thats pretty much every weekend for me, I shouldnt be surprised.