Monday, August 18, 2008


So, jury duty here consists of two full days of sitting around and waiting to be selected. And if you sit for a selection panel and are rejected, you don't get to go home - you just head back to the pool.

Not that I had the chance to face that rejection - at noon, they told the jury pool - which had been completely undisturbed all morning (I finished Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster while waiting, I'm now looking for something interesting, fun, and long to bring with me to jury duty tomorrow) - that yes, they had talked to all the judges that could be sitting in Manhattan today, and none of them needed any jurors, so we could all go home. As long as we promised to be back at 10 the next day.

At which point I went and got myself a much needed new cell phone. In grey, not the pink shown in that link.


Anonymous said...

I am thinking of getting one of those too!! do you like it??

Marcia said...

So far so good... but I've only had it for about 16 hours!