Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Fox Buys a Couch

A Children's Story About Buying This Couch.

One day, the Fox became tired of sitting on the floor. "I want a couch! The floor makes my back hurt!"

So the Fox went to the internet, and did research, and talked to all of her friends, and she found a couch she liked very much: the Andre. But what color? Finally she decided on Paprika, so she could have a couch that was spicy, just like she was. Still, the Fox was nervous. "What if the couch is not comfortable? What if the color doesn't look good in my house?" She plaintively asked her friend the Bear.

"Do not worry, best Fox," the Bear opined. "There is a couch store very near by!" and so the Fox took her friend and went to the Couch Store. And in it there were couches of all kinds. Three floors of couches!

Again, the Fox was unsure. "There are a lot of nice couches here. Many of them would look nice in my house." But she could not find the Andre in Paprika. The Andre in Mushroom, yes. The Andre in Velvet, yes. The Andre in Paprika? NO WHERE.

"Do not give up," the Fox heard the Bear's voice in her head. "You can do this!" and the Fox climbed a final set of stairs and there, before her, bathed in a golden light, was the Andre in Paprika. First, the Fox circled around it, gazing at its glory.

Next the Fox gingerly sat on the edge, to test it's buoyancy. Slowly, the Fox started looking at the fabric samples.

Before she knew it, she was sitting curled up on the couch, as if it was her own.

"I love this couch!" she thought to herself. A Couch Store worker came up to her. "Would you like this couch?"

"Why, yes," the Fox replied. "I would!"

"Perfect, we will bring it to you on Saturday, in a three hour window. We will call to confirm on Thursday."

The Fox left the store, happy that she would have a couch soon. The End.


Jay said...

That couch costs more than my last car did. Sigh. That being said, it is much prettier than my last car was.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Oh la la. Tres chic et moderne. Do we get a picture of it in the new house?

Le Especial du Bill said...

Finally she decided on Paprika, so she could have a couch that was spicy, just like she was.

Or maybe even salsa-y?

Lizzle said...

Nice couch!

But Fox and Bear? Did I stumble into the hundred acre woods? Or were you on acid when you wrote this up?

Marcia said...

lizzle, I was at work, which is like acid.

Lena said...

Yay! Read it again, mommy.