Thursday, September 25, 2008

Please Excuse This Post of Sadness. Move Along, Nothing to See Here.

I know I'm not the one who has the raw deal here:

I'm at my new house, in my own city, surrounded by friends who are begging to come over and hang out with me because they are worried I'll be lonely without Matt.

Matt is in Paris, where he barely knows the language, personally knows only 1 person, is not so good at cooking - especially while shopping in French, and while Paris is the European city he knows best, that's not saying a whole lot.

And yet I'm feeling sorry for myself because I am impossibly lonely and miss Matt incredibly.

Oh Matt, I just want to hug you, even more so because if I am this sad, I am that much sadder because I know you are worse off.

I love you honey, I can't wait to see you. Come home soon. December is too far away.


Lizzle said...

Awwwww! I do feel bad for you! Honestly! And more so for Matt, but if you want to feel better about your life and all that it entails, come over here and read my work horror stories! Aptly titled "The Poop House Chronicles"

It promises to take your mind off of your own woes for a time!

Auburn Kat said...

If I were in your shoes, I would be feeling the EXACT sameway!

Johnie! said...


John Dedeke said...

Do they have Peeps in Paris? You know what I'm thinking...

Lily said...

December???Oh my poor girl....if I was in your situation, I would probably have even trouble functioning.:( Can't imagine.
Hang on!

anonymous in Toledo said...

Marcia -

You have a great new piece of furniture coming tomorrow - a wonderful paprika couch.

You will probably want to find just the perfect pillows and accessories for paprika. And keep her clean and pristine and chic and special.

If Matt were home, he'd probably want to sit on her and yell at ND football, maybe even spilling a drop of beer on la belle paprika. He might drop a chip or horrors - salsa - on your new fabulous couch.

It's been known to happen before.

Maybe paprika is safer with Matt in Paris, at least during football season.

Kiki said...

I'm glad you have so many people who come to your side at a time like this. And it's ok for you to feel sad and tell us. We really do care!

Ellen K. said...

((hugs)) I know the feeling -- being at home with your husband out of town can feel very lonely sometimes.

However, I think it would be much better to be home alone in NYC with Matt in Paris than, say, home alone in Akron with Matt in Paris!

Matt said...

Ellen K. is so right. And, for the record, I am fine!

rebekah at elizabeth anne said...

You are allowed to feel sorry for yourself. I would be wallowing in self pity. I miss F during the DAY. I can't imagine 3 months.