Monday, January 26, 2009

Marcia + Wine = Happy

The last time my friend Brian was over, we did this:

Brian and Marcia in a Playyard

We got into the "Play Yard" that had just arrived for my niece Kaylee to sleep in when she visited.

We were testing the strength of the play yard. My niece is 20 lbs, the guidelines said max 30 lbs, and we put 300 lbs in it. You know. Only the best for my niece.

And there was NO alcohol involved in our decision to open, set up, and enter the play yard.

However, Brian did send me alcohol as a thank you for giving him a place to stay while he was in town.

It just arrived.


It came from, and a delightful gentleman walking a dog (who happened to live in the building around the corner) dropped it off on his way home. Bonus: wine AND a cute dog.

And Brian is on his way over, to maybe drink this with me.


Jay said...

Why is it that the gay ones get to have all the fun?

random moments said...

Thats hilarious. And that wine has me feining!

SBC said...

I'm out of wine, except for a crappy bottle of Chardonnay. So this posting makes me sad :(

otilius said...

Looks like a lot of fun...and good for you to be so safety-conscious. :]

Ellen K. said...

Good to know that the play yard's stated weight limit is just a mere suggestion. Seriously, that is actually helpful!

Chris said...

Somehow the color and name of the middle one make me want to clear my throat.