Monday, February 02, 2009

Even Though I Locked Myself Out of the House, Today KICKED ASS:

(Me, after having waited for Matt in the cold for 30 minutes. Finally indoors and very happy about it.)

  • I checked out the art store across the street from my house and got new pens. New pens have a special air about them.

  • I spent an hour in Barnes and Nobel and came away with 7 books. Nothing is wrong with that.

  • Four of those books were guide books for the Cayman Islands.

  • Because FUCK YEAH, Matt and I just booked a trip to Grand Cayman, Feb 27- Mar 3.

  • Did I mention we traded credit card rewards points to get 50% off our hotel room?

  • By locking myself out, I convinced Matt to come home early.

  • Because Matt came home early, we went to Sammy's Noodle Shop on 6th just south of 11th, and ate really delicious Chinese food.

  • Our fortunes? Me: The current year will bring you much happiness. Matt: Happy events will take place shortly in your home.


Anonymous said...

THis is the best lock out story ever!!!

random moments said...

J and I locked ourselves out of our house over the weekend. We accidentally left a window open and were able to get back in. The scary thing? The window was opened about a month ago.

Now I'm craving Chinese. And girl that scarf is fierce! :)

Jay said...

I tried locking myself out of my house yesterday to see if it was as much fun as you claim. After smashing my finger and having my crotch violated by a squirrel, I am inclined to disagree with the inherent enjoyment of locking one's self out.