Saturday, February 25, 2006

I Work Well On the Reward System.

I had to run errands today, and there was one that I didn't want to do: go to Home Depot and find Teflon Tape to fix the seal on the mini-dishwasher so that if we use it it doesn't spew water all over the floor. See, I hate going to places like Home Depot because people assume I don't know what I'm doing and I DO. I'm actually pretty damn handy. But with the expensive jeans, 4 inch heels, and slightly lowcut shirt, I don't exactly look the part.

So I walk into the store, go directly to the plumbing department, grab a roll of the Teflon tape, and head straight to the checkout counter. I give them my $2 and get out of there. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. And I was asked 4 times if I needed any help! I mean, it's nice that they're helpful, but damn. They wouldn't have asked a man in jeans and workboots if he needed help 4 times. It was annoying.

So, because I'd gotten the Teflon Tape, I allowed myself to go get Steve Madden rust-colored cowgirl boots at DSW for $27.

And yeah, I'm lazy, and I couldn't get a good picture of the boots on my feet easily, so I stole this from

Now I'm going to go make that fantastic Brazilian Shrimp Stew again, because my husband actually requested it again! And that's exactly what makes me feel like a good cook - my husband requesting meals that he loved.


Logan said...

Those look like the boots I wore last Hallowe'en, when I was a big ol' slut.

I'm sure you look better in them, though (though I looked damn fine, lemme reassure ya).


Anonymous said...

Those look fabulous, and are a LOT cheaper than mine . . . although, when in Texas, one must buy the expensive boots from the country store, and then wear them to the ranch. Which is what I did.

Summer said...

Oh, I miss DSW. I wish there was one down here. It is always fun for a cheap 'pick-me-up' in 'feel better' not the 'I-hope-I-get-hit-on'. He he!

Virenda said...

What does that say about me when my husband requests fast food? Or sandwiches?


LOLork on a reward system too, I go into it but than you'd just think I'm a whore.



Teri M. said...

I dunno, I'd be kinda flattered... you know they just wanted to talk to your glamorous self. ;-)

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Sweet Lord those boots are a steal!