Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I Have a Backlog of Blogging Before Me:

And I can't do it all now. But here's some.

My mother came to visit me this weekend - she brought with her many, many presents. Which will be chronicled in future posts. Quick summary of activities:

Before dinner on Friday, we walked down to Left Bank Books, and this book was purchased:

It's The Glamour Magazine Party Book by Eleanor Elliot, published in 1965, and it was $2. But it wasn't just the pink color that made my mother buy this for me - the text is hysterical. I'm literally going to open up the book at random and read you a paragraph:
At the beginning you, as hostess, do just as you would at any other party: introduce people and see that they have company and refreshments. It is probably better not to dance until almost everyone has arrived; you will have to stop to greet people, for new arrivals mustn't comb the party for the hostess. Later, dance as often as you please.
Seriously. I love it.

Then on Saturday, we headed over to the St. Louis Art Museum, which I'd never been to and rather enjoyed. Where else can you see Tiffany glass, Monet paintings, Egyptian mummies, and Medieval armor? Besides. The gift shop had:

Cute little beaded pom-pom rings in pinks and purples.

Then, we went and drank boots of beer at Kayak's Coffee before dinner.

There should be more beer boots in everyones life. I highly recommend them.

And now. I recieved a package yesterday. I opened it up to see this:

With a note on top not to open until my birthday. People, my birthday is the 23rd. That's more than 2 weeks! I have to sit here with those pretty little pink packages taunting me for 16 days.

And, just at the end of two long days at the office, with thoughts of several more long days ahead of me, a note from another blogger can make me smile.


blog Portland said...

You saved this one with the obligatory beer shot.

Anonymous said...

Aww, it's so nice to have family in town! Sounds like you had a lovely time :-)

TheIdleReceptionist said...

Ooo...I bet there's more pink stuff underneath the pink wrapping.

e-liz said...

Woo-hoo!! Presents!

Liz said...

For someone who isn't doing any shopping during lent, you sure do get an awful lot of new stuff!

(I'm jealous)

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

LOL - at LIz's comment

I would laugh at the pink book, and then, the "rules" would creep in, and come back to me just when I'm hosting a party and make me feel all bad about myself.

Anonymous said...

Cia!! My mom said that you can open those gifts b/c they are just silly gifts but you should be recieving a package from coach as soon as it comes in stock. Hope you enjoy. love you miss you

Virenda said...

Oh girl I LOVE LOVE that stuff, the pom-pom ring is great.

Your mom sounds like a sweat heart and a ton of fun. I envy you. :0) Glad you had a great time and it's always lovely to get a card.

I could NEVER wait to open gifts, I'd just lie and say I waited.