Sunday, May 21, 2006

Facts About MATT:


1) Matt gets up at 8AM. Sometimes.

2) Matt has a pot of espresso every morning. A POT. Of Espresso. If he doesn't have his espresso, he growls.

3) In college, Matt's roommate parked his car outside their apartment building for 6 months. Because it wouldn't, um, do that thing that cars do. Oh yeah, drive. But the second floor balcony of the apartment looked out over the car.The twenty year old car. So after a huge party, they had an empty keg on the porch.

Which the owner of the car then threw through his windshield. Because my husband told him to.

Funniest. Scene. Ever.

But I don't have pictures.

4) And I still married him.

5) His family, when they find names they like, keep using them. Unlike my family, where we do this with cousins (Michael, Patrick, Mary), they do this with pets. I.E., Frank Llyod Rabbit #s 1-15 and Asti the Dalmation, versions 1 and 2.

6) Did I mention he's now a lawyer? I now want to be called, "Mrs. Pink Shoe, the Lawyer's Wife."

I know that makes me sound older than the 25 that I am, but... there are some sacrifices that I'm willing to make. Such as sounding older, as long as it makes clear that Matt is awesome. Because he is.


librarian pirate said...

Mrs. Albert Peterson - the English teacher's wife

Anonymous said...

Matt is awesome, and worked very hard for his degree. I love these facts about him!

s'mee said...

um, not that it matters, but technically your Matt can also be addressed as "Esquire". That trickles down to you as...

"Mrs. Pink Shoe, Esquire Shoe's Wife", how does that grab you?

Liz said...

A pot of espresso? SERIOUSLY?

Mr. Pink Shoe Esquire is lucky not to have a heart condition or an ulcer at that rate! Yikes!

Lena said...

You forgot to include #7 - He has fabulous taste in women. ;)

BTW, your email made me laugh and laugh (my night was pretty boring). I couldn't respond though because I secretly read it while pretending to be listening to my husband list all the reasons why we can't afford this new house.

I should've married a lawyer. ;p

Ellen K. said...

Congrats to Matt, and to you. So yeah, you can now be "Mr. and Mrs. Non-Pink Running Shoes, Esquire." If I were you, I would order new stationery, pronto.

Ellen K. said...

Congrats to Matt, and to you. So yeah, you can now be "Mr. and Mrs. Non-Pink Running Shoes, Esquire." If I were you, I would order new stationery, pronto.

esheiks said...

congratess to Matt, and to u too Mrs. Pink Shoe, the Lawyer's Wife..


TheIdleReceptionist said...

Ms. Pink Shoe, Attorney-at-Matrimony, Esq.

Anonymous said...

I woke up one morning to the sound of my brother and his best friend laughing hysterically and some sort of "boinging" sound.

They were jumping on the top of our spare car's roof and hood. The "boing" sound was the metal popping in and out.

Alcohol was involved. Large quantities.

shpprgrl said...

Everything pink rocks, especially shoes....and your blog! Loved it!

Virenda said...

Your husband sounds like the perfect balance of humor and intelligence. :0) I so wish you had pictures.

Kat said...

1. Tell Matt congratulations!!! (You are getting closer and closer to moving to NYC so you, me, and Jane can hang out!)

2. I love that you did a list of facts about your husband. That is so cute and hilarious at the same time.

v said...

Nice shoes.

Seriously, a pot of espresso? Wow.

Congrats again on the lawyer thing.

Goodbye Mes Amis said...

I dread being a doctor's wife. Sounds like it comes with responsibilities and stereotypes that I don't really want. Plus, I think he's going to volunteer in Africa or something and I'll be Mrs. Pissed off Drowning in Debt. I'm glad you are happy to be Mrs. Pink Shoe Esquire though, I mean, "Esquire" that's pretty cool.

Summer said...

'Mrs. Pink-Shoe-That-Wins-All-Arguments-At-Home'

He can win at work, you win at home! Yay for you both : ) I'm sure you will entertain all of his future partners in style.