Monday, May 01, 2006

Fun! And Exciting!! Things About Today:

1) Yay! Doggerel Blogger, who, as you know, I le love, awarded me a Perfect Post award for the month of April. Perfect Posts are these things that Momma K at Petroville and Lucinda at Suburban Turmoil thought up so that people can share their favorite blog writers with each other. I think that it's a fabulous idea, and I could spend all day reading down the list of winners for this month, finding new people that I have to read every day.

Anyway, I was awarded A Perfect Post this for this. Because sloths are funny. And it's important to know more about them.

2) Whenever there's a severe weather warning anywhere in Missouri or Illinois (basically anywhere that I'll hear about it) I call my husband and tell him that he has to be careful and that he can't drive anywhere until the warning or watch is over. "Matt! There's a severe thunderstorm warning in Belleville!! (Belleville is far away.) BE CAREFUL."

I'm not sure if he knows that this is a joke.

3) Speaking of my husband, he emailed me today and said, "I've been thinking about it for a while, and yeah, Marcia Pizza is my favorite food." That's right. If you said, "Matt, you can have either steak from Luger's or Marcia Pizza for dinner," there's a chance that he'd say Marcia Pizza.

Who am I kidding. He'd pick the steak. But he'd want me to make the pizza as a sidedish.

4) I can't think of a 4. It's been an hour. I think I'll give up on 4. It was never a favorite number of mine.

5) Oh yeah, 5's a lot better. I like 5.

6) But this is all I've got. Really. I'm sorry I've waisted your time.


SarahReznor said...

Marcia you awesome :) congrats on the award, i love you animal facts posts!

TheIdleReceptionist said...

I always take care on the road when its blizzarding in Greater Siberia. I never know.

anne said...

Double Congrats! That's so sweet! : )

The pizza did look tasty for certain. One can't really go wrong with homemade pizza. AH, what do I know...I've never made homemade pizza.

Liz said...

Mar, you rock. We all know this. But let's get serious for a second... You took an HOUR and you couldn't think of a 4?


Kelly said...

You deserved the perfect post award. I just have to ask...
Did that come with a side of "the perfect cheer?"

v said...

I think it's fair to say, Sloths rule.

Also, I can't think of a number 4 either.

Yes, that makes little sense.

Barbara said...

Thanks for playing in the Blog Olympics Training Camp, Congratulations on your silver medal! I've posted the overall standings.

diane s said...

waisted my time? as long as you used a nice belt, I don't mind... And added some pink shoes, natch :) x