Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hello Internet!

I know. I know! I’m letting you down. It’s the eternal conundrum – when not much is going on, you have nothing to write about, but a lot of time in which to do that writing. But when everything is going on, you have much to talk about, but no time to with which to discuss that “everything.” And you’re getting the rare, “Marcia posts during her lunch hour” blog. So, time for a laundry list:

1) I have finished some paintings that I’m actually proud of! I’ve managed to find a way around that whole, “Marcia can’t draw more than a stick figure that a 5 year old child would make fun of, but she still wants to paint” thing. There are pictures. You’ll see them… oh, when I get around to downloading that 472 pictures off my camera.

2) I spent Sunday afternoon reading in Forest Park with Matt. This is fun, because Forest Park is the best part about St. Louis – it’s 3 times bigger than Central Park, it’s got a zoo, several golf courses, an art museum, a Missouri history museum… it’s insane. And I took pictures of people in paddle boats, of my pink purse that I got in France that I’ve never shown the internet, of the pretty art museum from afar. Someday, internet, you’ll get to see these pictures.

3) Last night I went to a fabulous dinner party at the JargonScout residence. There are pictures of that, too. No pictures of the pretty, fun, make your own Spring Roll dinner, because, well, my wine intake and the number of pictures I take are directly proportional. And before the meal, I didn’t drink any wine. But pictures of the cute dog, and the Cranium playing that ensued. But I didn’t get a picture of the 6-pack I made out of clay. It was a darn good 6-pack. But. I stayed up late, and I was le tired when I got home. Haha. “Tired.” We will not mention the wine.

4) I’m throwing a cocktail party. Tomorrow night. For 25-ish people. I have to clean! And make hors d’oeuvres! And clean!! And. Figure out what to make! I’m thinking Guac and assorted salsas with chips, little cupcake sized key-lime pies, and … something else. What, internet? What should I make?

5) Also, there is le stressful work. Which, I just realized, I have only 80 days left of! That is not very much.

6) I have not yet made the necklace that I wanted to make. Sorry. Maybe by next week this time. But I don’t know how, because I’m out of town all this weekend at a wedding!! In Indianapolis. Maybe I'll make necklaces in the car. That would be very smart of me. So I probably won't do it.

7) I bought sneakers. Pink sneakers. Because I’m going to the gym tonight. No, hell hasn’t frozen over, but it is getting a little frosty.

8) Now, internet, I have to get back to work. Goodbye!


TheIdleReceptionist said...

In keeping with the Mexican Guac theme, I think you should skewer some steak strips (the kind that go in fajitas) and create some kind of yummy dipping sauce for the skewers.

What kind of dipping sauce? Hmmm...maybe some kind of chipotle? I don't know! YOU'RE the kitchen whiz, YOU come up with something!

And photograph it. Duh.

Vaguely Urban said...

No cocktail party is complete without delicous cheese(s)!

mjg said...

It's nice to have you back! You are completely right about the blog situation; when you have lots to say, you have no time to post it!

e-liz said...

And serve some liquor, from my trunk.

Liz said...

You might want to save the necklace making for Akron... because lord knows you will have nothing else to do with your evenings.

But you might want to buy the beads while still in STL, because you're going to have trouble finding anything awesome in Akron.

Kay said...

Busy, busy! I second the cheese idea...

Melissa said...

Busy busy girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Busy girl, Marcia! I think you should go with Southwestern Shrimp skewers or something along those lines.

Anonymous said...



v said...

Wow. You seem kinda busy.

Can't wait for the pics.