Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Things That Have Happened Of Late:

1) We went out for sushi tonight. Very good sushi! In Akron! Who knew? Sakura Sushi.

2) Project Runway is on tonight.

It's funny when I'm out to dinner with one of Matt's co-workers (to the aforementioned Sakura Sushi), and I start getting voicemails from my friends asking me what I think about the episode that TiVo is still recording for me.

And I'm waiting until tomorrow to watch it. I've subjected Matt to enough episodes this season - he gets a break, and I get something to look forward to for tomorrow.

3) I got my new camera! It's amazing. Shiny and silver and unbroken.

Plans for tomorrow: install new camera software on my computer. Play around with both software and camera.

Discarded plans for today? Take a picture of my sliced up finger and post it on the internet, which, while the cut was not as bad as many people thought it was from all my bitching and moaning last post, it's still not pretty. And... posting pictures of bloody cuts is the surest way I can think of to make my readers click out of their internet window and NEVER COME BACK AGAIN.

4) Small breakdown about how "I have no friends" and "You're the only person that I get to talk to all day, so you'd better be nice and pay loads of attention to me when you get home" happened yesterday. But... beer + pizza later, and I'm happier. And more motivated to get a job than ever. Because, more than anything I can think of, Job = Friends. And, YES, I'm generally happy here. (Mom, don't call me all worried.) Don't worry about me. You should be more worried if I don't have the occasional break down.

Oh, god, I'm going to be that new coworker who thinks she's bestfriends with everyone and tries too hard, aren't I?

5) After the breakdown, I got up today and made more salsa. And, inspired by the Princess in Galoshes, decided I should do more yoga. I don't really know how this fits in with the yoga, but putting those sentences next to each other made me happy.

6) I'm having Matt's coworkers over for dinner next week. Which I'm tres excited about. What I'm slightly worried about? Having 6 people over when my dining room table only seats 4. Also, I have to finish decorating the house before then. And clean the salt and pepper shakers. And ... magically turn into Martha Stewart and throw a perfect party.


Liz said...

I feel you on the job/friends/parental worry thing. And I haven't moved!

Summer said...

We have a Sakura down here, too. Not too shabby!

I know what it's like with no friends either. I cried the same sadness you did. After a year living here, I still don't know much of anyone. I do go visit my friends every month though. It helps. And PJ and I have actually grown closer since the move. I think the trade off of a closer relationship with my husband is better for me right now. I'm sure I'll long for friends soon. Does this long comment tell you it's all still on my mind and I think about my situation all the time? Cause you know I hadly ever delurk to comment. Therefore, I really feel you. I promise it gets better.

Chris said...

I'm ashamed to say that my wife has me hooked on Project Runway. Isn't Tim the best CARTOON ever?


Kiki said...

1) So glad your finger is doing better.

2) I wished I liked people like you do. Throwing a party for co-workers is so chic! I'm a bit jealous that none of my furniture in my house matches, and that I don't have friends.

3) so glad to have you back. you were missed!

Cat said...

I would SO go to yoga with you if we lived in anywhere near the same time zone!

I have no doubt in your ability to make friends fast, though.

Good luck Martha Stewart-ing!!!!

Liz said...

Oh and I hate you more than a little for posting about sushi right now... you have no idea how bad I want good sushi and can't go spending money frivolously on it!

v said...

First, hope your finger is better.

Second, you're definitely going to be that coworker but I say you'll win 'em over in the end.

And, you do have us blog buddies. It's not the same but it kinda is. Hang in there trooper!

Logan said...

I mean, I liked Angela and all, but she's not Uli.

Also, I got so involved in tweaking that goddamn template last night that I missed it the first time around (didn't even occur to me that it was Wednesday) and watched the midnight repeat with Anthony. I of course checked online first to see who was gonna be kicked off, but PARIS! OMFG! That was hot.

Love you. Knit something!

Vaguely Urban said...

I'm two episodes behind in Project Runway! My weekend, which hitherto had little in the way of amusements, is now MADE!

Heather said...

I know JUST how you feel about being someplace new and wanting friends and having the occasional breakdown. Hello!!! I'm there right now...and it's been about four months for me here!! Getting a job will definitely help. Plus, you're a total people person and uber-likable and all that. So before you know it, all of Akron will be lining up for one of your dinner parties!

bobealia said...

Guess what??? I downloaded the first 9 episodes of Project Runway!!!! I watched the first two last night and I was so excited I couldn't get to sleep.