Thursday, August 31, 2006

This Had To Be Said:

Dear Google:

Thank you for putting me on the first page of a Google Image Search for Puggle. Really, it's an honor. I enjoy the extra 50 or so hits a day.

(Seriously, people. You'd think that people around the world would have better things to do than look for pictures of Puggles online.)

But really, that post was back in October. And hidden way deep on the page. Plus for a long time the picture wasn't even showing up - I've fixed that now, but the picture is small and sad.

Besides, I don't really want a puggle any more. I'm kind of over my dog-wanting phase.


The Pink Shoe


Logan said...

Every few days or so I'll have to start writing entries like "GIRL CHOKES BEAVER / DOUBLE-SIDED DILDOS / FREE SPA TREATMENTS" and watch my numbers skyrocket. I love popularity.

perfectmoderation said...

That's hilarious.

I can't even muster an exclamation point. No caffeine yet.

Cat said...

Oooh, what a brilliant self-marketing ploy!

I'm with Logan, my next entry may be all about "Earning Lots of Money While Working from home!" or "The First official photos of Suri!" or maybe not... that may not be the crowd I'm looking for.

Puggles are cute, though. I've never seen them, before. Doesn't it vaguely remind you of a name for a Popple? Puggle the long-lost Popple who never quite made it on the show? It *so* would have worked.

Angela said...

God, yes, I was thinking of Popples until I saw that you were talking about a dog. Then I was all, duh, completely different word.

Most of my image searches refer to a picture of Katie Holmes that I posted back when she was first knocked up. Of all of the pictures of Katie Holmes in all the world and you had to walk into mine.

v said...

My dog wanting phase is in limbo.

Yeah, I don't know what that means either.

bobealia said...

Do people actually put you on there or does it just magically happen? How do you know how many hits a day you have?? I looked at your first link and I laughed, and thought, "Which one is Marcia?" because I thought you meant someone put a picture of YOU on google image search... Then I read the rest of the post.
PS- None of them were wearing pink shoes.

betsyradish said...

that's really weird that you would write about the puggle google thing. that's how i started reading your blog because i was looking for what a puggle looked like.

i like your blog now. i read it quite often. and i'm just a random person!

so cool.