Sunday, November 12, 2006

Hello Internet! I Haven't Forgotten About You!!

So, I'm having a new problem. When I start having a "life" again, I forget all about my old friend the "Internet," and suddenly I'm getting emails: "You haven't posted since Wednesday, are you still alive?"

Honestly, you should be happy for me. I've been going OUT! With PEOPLE. And Discovering Things!

Thursday. It was fabulous fall weather. Hell, it was fabulous late summer weather. It was 60 and sunny. As opposed to today, which is COLD and windy. I kind of hate winter.

Anyway, Joy and I went on a long hike at the Ledges. And honestly, don't ask me any more than that, it's a MetroPark, it's pretty, and Joy took me there.

At the Ledges, Joy showed me a green rock:

Green Rock

Alright, maybe I wanted to take a picture of the green rock, and I made her pose by it. But I think my first story is more accurate.

Then, Joy showed me the politically incorrect way to tell the difference between White and Red Oak leaves.

Red V. White

(Isn't Joy basically the same person as Vanna White? She's very good at displaying things.)

So, the Red Oak Leaf, displayed by Joy on the Left, has pointy edges, just as the Red Man's (I told you it was politically incorrect) arrows have pointy edges. The White Oak Leaf, displayed on the Right, has rounded edges, just as the White Man's bullets are rounded.

Now, if you're ever asked which type of Oak a leaf comes from, you can answer.

After the hike, I found at my house JEANS! From FRIENDS! To turn into SKIRTS! Which I immediately started working on.

Then, while Matt went to a basketball game in Cleveland, I went to dinner and drinks with one of his coworkers. And I remembered how much I love tequila. Because I love tequila a lot.

Last night we went to see Borat. And, obviously, if you have spoken to someone in the past two weeks, you have heard how awesome this movie is. I laughed the ENTIRE movie, which wore me out so much I couldn't even go out out after the movie. Also, it was midnight, and I've become incapable (as has Lindsay). I'm working on this, I swear.

BUT. While I was out thinking I was cool, things were happening in the world:
My little sister, the fab Librarian Pirate, has announced to the world that she's PREGNANT (Freak out: Um, HI. My LITTLE SISTER should not have kids before me!!). I've known for a while (that gift bag I sent to a "friend" a few weeks ago? With the cute embroidered bibs? Yeah, that was for her) and I've already had visions of me sending my little sister FedEx packages full of homemade baby food. Because, NO, my little niece or nephew is NOT allowed to eat that commercially prepared shit.

So, in conclusion, go over there and tell her congratulations!

And. I'm about to sit down and watch this. Because I have mad love for, and sometimes even pretend that I am, Giada DeLaurentiis. Which yes, does mean that in this Iron Chef Battle, I'm cheering for team Bobby Flay/Giada, and NOT team Mario Batali/Rachael Ray. I'm sorry, I just have to do this.


Kiki said...

Congrats to your lil sis and congrats to you, auntie!

v said...

Glad to hear things are going well in your neck of the woods and you're having a wonderful time. I guess we can say you're enjoying Akron.

And major congrats to your sister!

bobealia said...

I hope you are charging those friends for time and supplies for the skirts. Sorry Pink Shoe Friends, but a girl has to make a living.
Congrats on your new aunt-dom!!

blog Portland said...

Am I the only person that sees a semi-tortured face in the cracks of that rock?

And Giada got robbed last night. Mario Batali totally carried Rachael Ray through the competition.

librarian pirate said...

DON'T YOU DARE tell me who wins! I have it taped. I love Giada, but I have to be rooting for Rachel Ray, because not only do I love her, I love Mario! Bobby Flay always seems so pretentious to me ...

ndheathen said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure my younger sister will get married before I ever even have a long-term girlfriend.

Tabitha Dial said...

I love how I can come here and learn random but important facts -- like about oak tree leaves. Your fall photos are fabulous. And I believe you will have childern (if you want) when the time is right. Gotta concentrate on the awesome skirts you get to make for your friends. ;-)