Monday, March 05, 2007

Cute Animal Monday

The San Diego Zoo has a lot of the same animals that the Wild Animal Park: Giraffes, Elephants, Rhinos, etc. But I still couldn't stop taking pictures.

It was a lot more fun to see the elephants in the large, grassy fields, as opposed to in small, fenced in exposures. And the elephants looked happier, too. I took pictures of the elephants at the zoo, but I don't like looking at the pictures.

HOWEVER, I love looking at the picture of this little guy:

Koala.  Doped Up.

I can just tell that this drugged-up, evil little Koala is thinking, "If anyone touches me, or takes away this eucalyptus, I will go ape-shit crazy and start biting everything."

Next to the koalas, there were these cuties:

Adorable Meerkat.  Which may be some other animal

I think that it's a meerkat, but frankly, with the amount of little rodent-like things in the world, I could be wrong. Besides, I think that meerkats are skinnier. This looks more like a groundhog or a prairie dog to me, but, um, I could kind of care less. I love how it's little foot is forward, like it's timidly coming forward (to bite you and give you rabies) (honestly, I promise that's the last zoo animal I'm going to accuse of being blood thirsty).

Next, we come to an animal close to my heart. I once almost adopted a llama, I did a Facts About Llamas, I love the Tablet Brick Potato Llama song, and my good friend TSN and I leave llama comments on each others (and each other's spouses') facebook walls.


I think that this llama is the kind of llama that I would want to be.

Next was another awesome Rhino.

So, I took what, in my opinion, is a pretty, artistic portrait of the cute guy and his furry little ears:

Peeing Rhino

Nice, eh? I didn't even crop it - that's how I framed it.

And just after I took this picture, a tour guide came buy and loudly announced that this rhino has a deformed penis, and he has the nasty habit of peeing straight backwards between his legs. 20 feet. Onto the tourists.

At that point the crowd around the innocuous looking rhino quickly dissipated.

Finally, I am always blown away by the crisp lines of the zebra.


I was upset, though, that the lines of the fence were in the way of all the shots I took of the zebras, but after looking at the pictures, I thought it was an interesting contrast. And, if I were into that sort of thing, I would think that this could be a powerful protest picture of some sort. Something anti-prison or anti-zoo. But it would be better if the wires were red.

So, those are all of my Cute Animal Pictures from San Diego. Frankly, this means I need to go on another trip and take more pictures of animals, right?

Maybe I'll hit up the Chicago Zoo next weekend when I'm there for my sister's baby shower.


jo! said...

I love the pictures! I find myself suddenly desperately wishing that Reading had a zoo. Have a blast with the sis. Wish I could be there, too!

the queen said...

Oh, that is a stylin' llama. Is that a tuft of hair between its front legs?

v said...

If you post more amazing animal photographs then maybe I can drop a 5 on your plane ticket to Chicago. Maybe. Lol.

Seriously, stunning photos. Can't wait to see what gems you post from the Chi town trip.

hotdogman said...

It IS a Meerkat...

Zoe said...

Gorgeous koala!!

Zoe x

Tabitha Dial said...

Cool photos! I hope you had fun visiting your sister (I'm a little jealous).

SarahReznor said...

i miss the facts about posts..