Monday, March 05, 2007

Cute Animal Sunday

So, when Matt and I were in San Diego a few weeks ago, I got to go to the Wild Animal Park.


First there were some birds.

Then some more birds:

Crested Ibis

Then I realized that, although the African Crested Ibis was pretty damn cool, it's not why I came to the park.

I came to ride the railroad around the actual wild animal park, where animals not in their cages cavorted (or, really, laid in the sun waiting for the zoo keepers to bring them more food). So, Matt and I got in the line to get on the railway.

And we were in line behind this gem of a woman:

Crazy Lady

Yes, that's the middle-aged, Southern woman who thinks that since she's going to see animals, she should also be wearing animals. Her sweater had all sorts of jungle animals, complete with fringes of yarn for hair, her purse had cats, her earrings were wolves, and her shoes had horses on them.

You can't make this shit up, kids.

But, once the train got moving, we got to see some awesome stuff:


Elephants, stamping about.

Baby Rhino!

The baby Rhino, only 3 months old, chilling next to the wall and his mother (sorry about the fence-bit in the picture. But still. Fact: baby rhinos are the cutest animals in the world. Did you know they're born weighing more than me?).

After the Rhinos, there were more rhinos, and some giraffes, but then - the Bonobos. The baby bonobo? Had already learned the way of the Wild Animal Park Railroad:

Bonobo Baby

When the train went by? And all the little kids waved at him? He waved right back!

That's about the end of the Wild Animal Park (well, not really, but not even my mother wants to see all 70 pictures I took there, and so, instead of 15 pictures of birds, you get 2! That are good! And instead of 20 pictures of the various rhinos at the park, you only get only the cutest and the best. Really, the self-editing I do should win me a Nobel Prize in Not Torturing Other People.)

So, stay tuned for tomorrow, when I post Cute Animal Monday, and all the pictures I took of the Zoo!

(Actually, I have pictures of Rhinos at both the Zoo and the Park, and I'm posting both of them, and I'm hoping that if I do it on two consecutive days, as opposed to in the same post, you won't complain so much.)


Vimbai said...

Wow, that outfit the woman had on was Shame, she just wanted to look nice for the animals :-)

I take it for granted that people everywhere else have to go to a park/zoo to see wild animals. Kinda distressing, i prefer the game drives we have over here.

Not to brag or anything but there are only so many lions/zebras/rhinos/giraffes i can see in a life time :-)

Ryan Oakley said...

Animals smell bad. They can't help it. I went into the jungle one time and all I could smell was monkey poo.

Anne said...

I always love the zoo. Should be going to the one in Chicago this month and I can't wait!

Jsto said...

You know that lady was waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear her animal sweater and wolf earrings. At least I'm hoping she was because let's face it, if you seen a woman wearing that at the grocery store, there's something wrong.

librarian pirate said...

if it's pretty on Friday, I'm voting we go to the zoo. I haven't been there yet, and I want to go!!! And you'll be here and you love the zoo! And we can both take tons of pictures, and it will be fun times.

(I wouldn't mind seeing more cute animal pictures)

v said...

Amazing photos! Pretty cool that the Bonobo waved right back. Seems like you had a wonderful time!