Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy 29th Birthday, K-Fed!

Here's hoping you do something a little more productive with your next 29 years, as your first 29 years all you did was knock up two pretty ladies who are significantly more talented than you are.

(And yeah, I just said that Shar Jackson had significantly more talent than K-Fed. Anyone out there going to dispute that?)


kim said...

Heh. Hey, lately he's been seeming like a great dad!

Oh hey, this reminded me of you:

robert swayze said...

Hehehe...I totally agree with ya. happy birthday K- Fed.
Your blog sure rocks.
Peep into my blog on birthday greeting cards for loads of fun stuffs.

Princess in Galoshes said...

Oh! He's so young to already be so notoriously stupid!

Just a Girl from L.A. said... i can't believe you have a whole post dedicated to him....isn't that illegal or something?


love yur blog!

Bobealia... said...

Can't he like dance?
(Um, it says right on my blog that I root for the underdog.)
Get it, under - dog. Uh, you know Britney was on top.

Ryan Oakley said...

I think the rule is that you can have a blog post devoted to him as long as you mention at least one of his baby's mothers.