Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I Have Never Hated Justin Timberlake So Much in My Life

Apparently, I was one of few people who didn't realize that Justin was performing in Pittsburgh the same night that The Hold Steady. (I'm sorry, Logan, I should pay more attention when you talk.)

So, after almost an hour stuck in a traffic jam over the Allegheny River. A river that should have taken maybe 30 seconds to cross. And, in an effort to get out of the Justin traffic (seriously, there were people selling t-shirts to the waiting cars), we got off the highway, um, one stop earlier than our mapquest directions told us to (if we'd gotten off where we should have, it would have been another hour before we got to the concert, instead of the 15 minutes it would have been if there had been no traffic) and then we got a little lost.

Thankfully, I called my old roommate Jen (check out her story about the green fudge), and she and mapquest guided us back to the Rex Theatre just in time for the Hold Steady to take the stage.

And they were great. They sang Chill Out Tent, which always cracks me up and Southtown Girls. And they were chatty and personable, and the entire show was some of the most fun that I've had at a concert.


Jsto said...

I would prefer if this post had said "Thankfully, I called my old roomate Jen, who rocks" but the shout out you had was nice.

Librarian Pirate said...

last night I was at the grocery store and it was playing the usual music to tune out when suddenly it started a Justin Timberlake marathon. Cry Me a River, Sexy Back, and some song I didn't know but that sounded like him.

I was hating him at probably the same time you were. How exciting is that?

Logan said...

More importantly, how did you come so close to me without sensing that I was nearby? I obviously need to increase my pheromone output.