Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inwhich I Use Stars to Separate Two Sections of the Post:

I had the best IM conversation last night:

Laura: you're great
Marcia: no, YOU are great!
Laura: we're both kinda great
Marcia: true story

* * * * * * * * * * * *

In other news, if the Rockies don't get their act together tonight, I'll probably cry (I am from Colorado, remember). The only good thing about their loss tonight is that they'll finally stop wearing those ugly black sleeveless things, and hopefully change to one of their uniforms that actually looks like a baseball uniform, and not like... a corporate softball team. And hopefully they'll start playing like a real baseball team, too.


otilius said...

don't cry, it's baseball!

supertiff said...

"don't cry, it's baseball"????


all the more reason to cry!

i'm rooting for your rockies...they are the new tigers, after all. and i know i love you already, because i, too, hate those black short-sleeved uniforms.
i'm sorry they lost tonight, but at least it wasn't as bad as yesterday.
don't give up hope!
they could still get it done!

Chaim said...

I've been rooting for the Rox to go all the way ever since I accepted that there was no way my Dodgers were going to make it.

All is not lost. Coors presents a huge homefield advantage, and they are a fantastic team. Even if they don't win the series, you should be very, very proud that they have made it as far as they have. It's a marvelous accomplishment. Denver has been very good to them since they came about, and I'm happy to see them get to where they are. I'm sure attendance is going to be up enormously next year, and if the ownership decides to actually spend some of their money on payroll, I expect they will have a bright future over the next few years.

Ellen K. said...

I, too, was wondering about the cap-sleeved spandex shirts. I'm sorry the Rockies lost! D. and I were cheering for them. Well, I was actually reading a book on the couch for most of the series. But my small allegiance was to the Rockies.