Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rêve Étrange

Last night I dreamt that, while playing in some sort of organized hockey-type thing (all girls, no ice, so not really like hockey, and in they gym at my old elementary school), I got smashed in the mouth by a broom handle (we were playing with brooms, duh), and I reached up and touched my surprisingly free of blood mouth, and simply pulled out my tooth. An entire tooth, with full root development, and still, no blood.

I threw it on the ground and went back to playing the game - we were in a tournament, and I couldn't let a little thing like losing a tooth stop me from helping my team kick ass.

This is the exact opposite of what I would do in real life - for one thing, I would not be playing in a broom hockey tournament, and for another, losing a tooth would totally freak me out.

But that makes me think - why would I have a dream like that? Am I telling myself to be more active? To go back to school (the tournament was in my elementary school, and I do occasionally think about grad school)? To care less about how many teeth I have? I certainly hope it's not that last thing. Because I really do want to continue to care about the number and quality of my teeth.


the queen said...

Teeth, they say, symbolize children. So it sounds like you want to have a bloodless, pain-free pregnancy producing a full-grown child. Is someone pressuring you to have kids?

Kiki said...

I love dream analysis! This is my fave site to look up dream stuff. This is what it says about your teeth


I like what it has to say about dreaming about hockey. I don't know if there's anything to dream interpretation, but it is fun to do the research!

Jsto said...

Here's my interpretation.

Have fun, enjoy life, and don't sweat the small stuff.

(Loved the French by the way.)

juliedooley said...

You know what I think? I think a) you should know from your old job that the best thing to do with an avulsed tooth is to stick it in a glass of milk, NOT ON AN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FLOOR! and b) I think it's a sign you're moving're tossing your past with Team Dental away and conquering the next challenge. Does the company you're interviewing with have anything to do with cleaning supplies? How literal am I?

SarahReznor said...

there's a kabalah thing.. if you dream about breaking a tooth or losing a tooth it means good things and if the tooth falls apart it's bad things... or maybe it's the other way around... I'm hoping for good thing though ;)

Princess in Galoshes said...

I'm pretty sure losing a tooth (or teeth!) is one of the most common dreams, ever. It's a self-image thing. But the fact that you threw it on the ground and kept playing was a pretty strong act.

Check out sometime. It's fun.

Ellen K. said...

Tooth loss dreams are also said to represent anxiety about loss of power or making compromises.

Love dream analysis.

Jen said...

Tooth loss also represents insecurity or being insecure about your looks, as well as anxiety about loss of power. good luck with your dreams. I had fifteen teeth loss dreams in a row a few months back. They freaked me out!

supertiff said...

everyone knows that dream-hockey is played with brooms.