Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yay! Nello Visited!

Kelly, of Diary of the Nello, was in town this past weekend. Thankfully, she managed to make time to meet me.

We went to the Popover Cafe, and then shopped for six hours. The woman is a seriously bad influence on me. I wish she lived here. I'd get in that trouble every day.

Pink Shoe and Nello

I managed to buy a totally sexy, fun black dress. Because I don't have enough black dresses. Now I just need to invent an excuse to wear it.

Next, we moved on to purses. And we both got the same one:

Huge Fluffy Purse

Fluffy? Check. Purple? Check. Impractical? Check.

I absolutely love it.

Then, shoes. I needed grey shoes to wear with my interview outfit today. For Liz, who requests both front and side views of my shoes:

Grey Shoes

and, now for the dramatic height of the shoes:

Grey Shoe Side View

If I get this job, I'm crediting these shoes. Obviously.

(There was more shopping done, but, um, I think that this is enough blow-by-blow. Do I even have male readers anymore?)


apricoco said...

good luck! i hope your interview went well and I hope you got the job (if you want it)!

Kiki said...

Ugh! Blogger ate my comment. I basically said that I love the purse and I think it's important to have items that set you apart. And I really love the shoes. And that I told Elba from Farley about your blog and she was impressed!

Uncommon Blonde said...

Love the shoes ...

Bobealia... said...

A girl at my work got that very same purse for her birthday last week and we all love it 'cause it's fun and silly and ruffly and stuff. The shoes are fab. I bought three black dresses today. Three.

Christie said...

I have a purse that exact same color and I get so many compliments on it. And those shoes totally kick butt.