Tuesday, December 18, 2007

'Tis the Season

Since I've been back from Colorado (which was fun), all I've done is go to Christmas parties.

First, we went to a party where we, um, Drank the Tree. You may remember this party from last year: at the center of the party, there is a tree covered in nips of alcohol, and the goal of the party is to deprive that tree of all of it's shots.

The Tree

And, similar to last year, we did a damn good job.

Tree Drinking

And, I was unable to take a good picture that night. I think because the orange dress, which is very pretty, didn't fit me all that well. All this working out is making my body do strange things. Like get muscles. Weird.

drinking the tree

The next day, we had an indie rock singalong all four hours in the car home. Singing The Decemberists' Red Right Ankle (everyone in the car knowing every word), we dorkily felt like that scene in Almost Famous where they sing Tiny Dancer. But cooler, and for our generation.

And Monday night was Matt's work Christmas party. I wore a tight as anything new dress, and beautiful new shoes:

Stuart tops

And, the side:
Stuart sides

And, Matt and I had a great time. Don't we look like it?

Matt's Christmas party

I love this time of year. I get to dress up, wear ridiculously small and summery dresses for the weather, and hang out with all of my friends. Which is really the most important thing, right?


Kiki said...

You look stunning! Being a southern girl, Christmas dresses always have confused me. Because I want to wear something cute and sleeveless, but then I look at the 8 inches of snow on the ground and think twice. I don't care. Because this year I'm wearing a short sleeved Asian inspired dress and I'm going to rock it!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Christie said...

You look awesome! I love that black dress!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, you used 'it's' wrong :(

Ellen K. said...

Hello, sternum! And Merry Christmas!

Lizzle said...

Merry Christmas Mar-SEE-ah! Hope you and the hubby have a fabulous holiday!

I'm sure you'll spend a good chunk of your day in the kitchen, so here's hoping everything turns out PERFECT!

v said...

Happy Xmas! And have a merry New Year!

Princess in Galoshes said...

Holy hotness, woman. You almost make me want to work out. (almost.)

Fabulous dress, too. I wish I had an excuse to go shopping. I wore my rehearsal dinner dress to The Funasaurus' firm's party. Which, you know. Was pretty. But not new.

Robot Zombie Vampire said...

We had similar parties in Oregon, except the tree was smoked instead of drank.

Anonymous said...

"Drinking the tree". Now THAT sounds like fun! I'll have to remember that one. Oh, and I love the shoes.