Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Wedding in Texas

Matt and I went to a good college friend's wedding this weekend, in San Antonio, Texas. Or, more specifically, Castroville. Which is, as Matt kept saying, "So damn quaint!"

The wedding was kick-ass, for many reasons.

Reason 1:

They have these things in Texas called Breakfast Tacos. They are amazing, and I want to eat them on a weekly basis.

breakfast tacos

I think they could be the most perfect food ever invented. And we had them at both the Taco Cabana, which was fine, and this hole in the wall place in Castroville that is only open when it wants to be. Both were great - but you can guess which one was better. Above, from top to bottom, there are 3 kinds of breakfast tacos: a) Chorizo and Egg, b) Country Sausage, Potato, Egg, and Cheese, and c) Bacon, Potato, Egg, and Cheese.

Reason 2:

Ridiculously fun bride and groom (who also happen to be ridiculously good looking):

brian and alli kiss

I love mantilla style wedding veils, and the women in them. The bridesmaids wore black, and carried red roses. The entire wedding party looked truly pretty together.

Reason 3:

It's fun to get dressed up and go out with people that you like:

mar and matt outside the church

Note the new glasses that I haven't shown you yet...

And then go hang out with other people you like:

marcia and brian

And eventually have so much fun you have to change into flat dancing shoes (that some people claim look like they have muppet eyes sewn on them):

dancing shoes and skirt

Reason 4:

I haven't had a chance to wear that beaded silk Tracy Reese dress (See above) I bought for my 3 year wedding anniversary since... well, my wedding anniversary. And while I had an amazing time at the Modern on said anniversary, this was an equally fun event.

Reason 5:

The wedding was in Texas. It was 70. Sunny. I didn't wear a coat. I felt the sun on my skin and I loved it.

In New York, it was snowing. I was so happy not to be there.


Jay said...

Having grown up in Texas, it may not surprise you to learn that my body is still made up of 35% breakfast tacos to this day.

Kiki said...

When you were commenting on Breakfast Burritos I had no idea that you had them in Texas. Told you it was a TX thing!

Chris said...

I once went ate breakfast tacos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and then again for breakfast the next day. My arteries enjoyed a brief break at lunch with fish tacos followed by a dinner of traditional tacos. I think I now qualify for dual citizenship.

Ellen K. said...

I like mantilla-style veils as well. Great pics!

Anonymous said...

honey-your hubbie is hot. You should loose the glasses. You would look so much better.