Thursday, November 10, 2005

Facts about FOXES:

1. Foxes are furry.
2. Foxes, much like spies, are sneaky and not to be trusted.
3. A fox can also be a tarred twisted rope, or a sword. told me so.
4. Sometimes, Fox is a right-wing news organization.
5. Foxes can have Bat-Ears.
6. If you see a fox, you should immediately give it a hug, because there's nothing that foxes like more than hugs... but if it bites you, you should let go and run. And get a rabies shot.


librarian pirate said...

you make me giggle like a mad-crazy giggling thing.

Kat said...

I want to hug the fox!

The Bill's Special said...

Fact 7: Sometimes, Foxes prefer nicknames, like Foxety.

e-liz said...

i'm going to find a fox and hug it tonight!

SarahReznor said...

Fact # 8 tight ass English upper class shit heads think it’s really awesome to chase foxes around with 20 horses and 40 dogs until it dies of exhaustion.

Sorry... Didnt mean to bring everybody down, it's a lovely post...

Tabitha Dial said...

YAY!!! Foxes!!!

Brilliant post.... this might be how I could lure people to mine: with cute fluffy animals!!!


And Sarah-- There was just recently a "fox hunt" in Colorado. A colleague of mine at reported on it.... But they hunted coyote, not fox. And there was no kill. Never is.

The English are just weird. Not necessarily all tight-arse and upperclass. They just love their traditions and tea and black pudding.


Tabitha Dial said...

Tally Ho!... Wouldn't it be nice to post a link to the story I just mentioned... ?

I am trying... ::sigh::

You'd think our site would have a better search engine... it's only for all of metro Denver and now for all of metro Memphis...

::sings as Dial-Up struggles with its third search::

Long distance information, give me Memphis, Tenneesee. Trying to find the party that tried to get in touch with me.

She would not leave a message, but I know how placed the call!!! M? ? ? took the message and he wrote it on the wall.

........::unsings:: Now what's up with that!? The person said the caller didn't leave a message and then he says that someone wrote the message on the wall...

Does that mean the message was, "Somebody in Memphis called"!??

...I suppose that's the best we can deduce, or we could ask Chuck Berry...

I'm making this into a blog entry!! HA!!!